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The company I. & A. Giannakis OE has been in Thessaloniki since 1970 and is a family business. Our many years of experience in the manufacture of home and office furniture has established our presence in this field. Furthermore we went on to build wooden educational toys under the name OFWOOD. The toys are made for infants and they aim at their observation and reading development.

Our little friends with the educational OFWOOD toys have the opportunity to learn the letters of the alphabet and make words, as well as getting to know the numbers and numerical operations. With the variety of wooden animals they have the opportunity to create their own stories that lead to the development of their creativity and imagination.

The wooden toys are 12mm thick and are made of birch plywood, a stable material that gives durability through time. Also they are safe for our little friends as they have all been polished by hand and non-toxic colors are used for their painting.


Our guarantee is that we design the toys ourselves and manufacture them with excellent materials and consistency on whatever you ask for.



Our company, through faith in tradition, through its long course in the furniture industry, has managed, with knowledge and consistency, to design and manufacture all kinds of wooden toys and wooden constructions for your home or business space.
The basic component of our work is our love for what we do.